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[2013-05-24] | avj

EP 02 is now available for sale and stream at Bandcamp!

You can also catch us tonight at the first night of MAY BASH, a festival taking place in Hazel Park all weekend featuring over forty bands and many local mixed media artists.

[2013-04-26] | avj

We have an EP we'll be releasing soon consisting of three tracks recorded and engineered at Rust Belt Studios in Royal Oak by Al Sutton and Steve Lehane.

If it wasn't terribly obvious in the image above, you can view the teaser our friends Nick Ferguson and Ray Rivard of Club Davison shot and edited by clicking above or watching it right here.

[edit: Crap, looks like Vimeo doesn't allow HD embeds. To see it in all its HD glory, head over to Vimeo and watch it.]

[2013-04-09] | avj

We're in Ypsilanti at Woodruff's tonight with Almost Free and Bad Television.


BRIGHT NIGHTS began in 2006 as ELLO, an instrumental, studio-only recording project and much-needed distraction from other musical commitments for Eric Ackerman (bass/vocals) and Jon Pavelek (drums/vocals). After recruiting friends Nick Nealer (guitar/vocals) and Adam Jeanguenat (synth/guitar/vocals) along the way to add additional instrumentation to the recordings, the four decided in 2010 to have a go at arranging the songs for a live band.

They spent the long, cold winter of 2010 recording what would become their self-titled debut EP at Eric's cozy farmhouse studio, Audiomite Recording Studios, in Armada, Michigan. Still faced with the challenge of properly adapting the recorded material for live play, long-time friend Josh LaFalce (guitar) joined in 2011 to round out the lineup.

When a friend close to the band was asked to describe BRIGHT NIGHTS in a single sentence, he simply responded, "Nights aren't bright, you stupid asshole." Others described the band as "At the Drive-in without the talent, looks, or international following," and "the kind of band you can't dance to, get laid to, or even listen to."